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Supported Living

Caritas Care Solutions Supported Living Services provide safe, effective and efficient individualized support in a way that promotes independence, whilst maintaining dignity, privacy and respect at all times to service users in both residential and community care settings. Our supported housing schemes cater for service users with Mental Health issues, those with alcohol and substance misuse problems and those with Learning Disabilities or on the Autism spectrum.  


Our Mental Health Services are designed to re-equip service users with the necessary life skills to live independently and to be contributing citizens to society as much as is possible. Our Service users live in safe and comfortably furnished home environments with the backup of dedicated and well-trained staff who always work in conjunction with other Multi-Disciplinary teams like Mental Health Support Service Teams to ensure continuing medical care support and support in times of crises. We provide support to service users with varied mental health disorders such as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression etc, and also mental health disorders associated with alcohol and substance abuse, the list is not exhaustive.

Service Users are assisted with structuring their days, support with Daily Living needs which might involve assistance with personal cares as required according to their assessed needs.

We also assist with Community access for social activities, accompanying to appointments, assisting with benefits and housing applications or affiliating with Mental Health Support Groups. Staff also assist with safe Medication Administration and Management of Medical Conditions.


We provide a range of specialist services for both adults and children with learning disabilities and autism. Providing world class quality care is the center of what we do. We make sure that people with learning disabilities, autism and those that present with challenging behaviors receive the best care and support that suits their individual needs and preferences ensuring independence, always maintaining dignity and respect. We always base our personalized support on the specific needs, choices and ambitions of the individual following our principles of person-centered thinking, active support and positive behavior support. Caritas Care Solutions ensures provision of the right support, right care and the right culture hence the ethos, values, attitudes and behaviors of our care staff ensures that people using the service lead confident, inclusive and empowered lives. Caritas Care has a workforce which has the right skills, knowledge and qualities specialized for learning disabilities and Autism.

We support people with moderate learning disabilities and autism, and also services for people with complex learning disabilities and autism (individuals needing full time support, Individuals with complex health needs, people with challenging behaviors).

 It is our goal to support the service user to gain independence skills as much as they are able to, attain a good quality of life and to be a participating member of their community.


This service empowers one to choose the right amount of support to lead an enriching and fulfilling life. Our service’s purpose is to support young people to acquire the necessary skills for independent living. Participation, engagement and co-production are embedded in our everyday practice. Family members and other stakeholders are involved in the planning and review of the progress.

We are committed to the Care Leaver Covenant to support the young person to build upon their strengths and support them to be equipped with practical, daily life knowledge and skills such as: 

Our service planning and delivery include:

Individualised Person-Centred Support is at the heart of our service delivery

For every individual that we support, we identify their support needs through assessments with the service user. Key to our robust support plans is a full appreciation of the needs, wishes and preferences and aspirations of the Service User starting at the initial assessment, of which effective communication is key. All Service Users are involved, engaged, and supported to co- create Support Plans which are reflective of their personal choices, cultural and religious backgrounds as well as their family dynamics. 

Service Users are involved in thorough assessments of their needs and wishes and desired outcomes. We assess risks to the individual’s health and safety.  We make available information to make informed choices about their future and allow calculated risks to the extent of their own informed opinion. These are then incorporated into their personal Strength based Support Plans.  

The individual’s relatives, friends, advocates and other professionals are fully involved in determining the individuals’ wishes and preferences. Some service users are often nervous, shy or, because of their condition, may have trouble communicating. Our staff are trained to be empathetic, adaptable to different ways to share information and trained in active listening and probing using open ended questions to allow the Service User to be at ease and communicate their desires. For individuals who lack the ability to articulate their needs; we carry out contextual assessments to ensure that we use various communication tools such as flashcards, visual cue cards and picture cards as well as sign language in order to continually ascertain their wishes, feelings and preferences.

Quality Assurance:

Throughout the service:

Our Complimentary service provision includes:

Our Service Brochures signpost the local Hull Connect to Support which assists with keeping people independent and keeping healthy, getting advocacy services, and activities in the local area that assist in someone fulfilling their aspirations and lifestyle choices.

Our Properties:

"Emmanuel is worth his weight in gold."
S.K 20/4/2024
"Carers are all very good, we are really happy, the carers communicate well and are very caring, especially Memory"
B.R 1/3/2024
"Tawanda is absolutely wonderful, gentle and very kind. I am very much impressed with him and the care he provided."
S.S 19/4/2024
"Anwara is really nice and I really appreciate that she calls if she is running late."
S.B 15/5/2024
"Sandra is lovely and my Mum really loves it when you visit her. She is very thoughtful and is always smiling and pays attention to all of the little details that really make the difference. Particularly putting her pyjamas on the radiator at the tea visit so they are ready for bed time."
E.B 25/4/2024
"I want to say a big thank you to the team who supported while I was away in India, they did a very good job and the school commented on how settled she was, no issues and no crying. Memory and Harjinder are both amazing. Thank you from my heart"
B.R 13/05/24
"The carer is very helpful with my daughters needs"
Mrs Lynn Rounding (Vikki Till's mum) 07/04/2023
"By taking time to reassure me that he/she is there for me whatever my needs."
Annette Dexter for Trevor 07/04/2023
"Management and Co workers of the office tries to help in the best way they can"
Kelly (Sharon Marshall) 06/04/2023
"I am very grateful I am having Priscilla on a more frequent basis as it is nice she knows exactly what to do and has a lovely manner about her. I like the way you let me know every week who will be looking after me."
Christina Yeardley on behalf of Joan Spoor 05/04/2023
"I wish to thank you all for your time and support over these past couple of months. I believe that together we successfully achieved an improved care package for J. One where his quality of life was positively impacted. He was cleaner, more comfortable, accepting personal cares, free from sores/burns and in less pain. He had even started to take his medication ! J was also bantering with carers and had nicknames for them, captain being one of them.

I know that time is precious for us all and J is a reminder that by coming together, listening, discussing, and action planning, we can achieve so much.

Rachel, please pass on my thanks to all the care staff who have been involved in supporting Joe. Also a huge thank you to all of Caritas for supplying the 24 hour 1 to 1 care at such short notice, ensuring J was supported during his last few days."
Review from the Social Worker (June 2022)
"The carers are really good at their jobs, they have rehabilitated Caroline very well and have her back up walking, they take her out into the garden and encourage her and celebrate her successes, they are all so patient and kind, I couldn't ask for anyone better looking after Caroline"
Review from Mrs A ( Elloughton)of care provided for Daughter Caroline (May 2022)
"Thank you to all the carers who attended to my mum Yvonne, for treating her with such respect and dignity. Mum told me that she liked every single one of her carers and was very pleased with the level of care she received"
Review from Daughter of care provided for Yvonne C (Hessle) (April 2022)
"Thank you very much for the care and dedication you gave our mum Jean H, for the last 2 years in spite of her ill health, you all made life a little easier for her and she valued not only the care you provided but also the friendship you offered. Thank you for everything, we couldn't have done it without you"
Review from Elaine B of care provided for mum Jean H ( Willerby) (Dec 2021)
"Carer Laleh is very good, caring and kind. She anticipates my needs"
Review from T.M (Twigmoor) regarding care received (August 2021)
"I am very satisfied, all the carers are absolutely fantastic, so lovely and kind and caring. They are so helpful and I could not wish for better company. They find the time to chat to me at the end of the call which makes all the difference as I miss the company due to COVID. If I know anyone else that needs care, I will be recommending Caritas"
Review from J.E (Kirk Ella) regarding care received April 2021)
"I would like to thank carers for their patience and kindness and caring nature shown towards me"
Review from W.B (Willerby) regarding care received (Feb 2021)
"Carers are lovely and very helpful"
I. Humble - 13/03/2020
"I am able to get a break from my caring role. Josh is able to access the community knowing he is safe with support workers to support"
D. Collins - 11/03/2020
"Caring attitude of carers is valuable. Peter is a big burly teenager and feels that people may not have patience with Peter. Value confidence and maturity of staff as this puts our mind at rest. Family are less stressed and not worrying about Peter"
S. Clausen - 21/08/2020
"Carers are very caring and lovely. Rachel is extremely diligent and thorough"
J. Hunter - 20/01/2020
"I am very happy with quality of care and that Joan has a good team of carers who attend regularly"
D. Watt - 23/11/2020
"Carers are very caring and very good. They know how to anticipate my needs when I'm not well"
C. Malcolm - 03/11/2020
"The care I have received from all the carers is excellent. They are all very pleasant and understand my needs. It is easy to make contact with the office and they always respond with our requests promptly. I would recommend Caritas to anyone considering care."
G. Barker - 06/07/20
"Caritas Care staff are friendly, helpful and professional at all times."
Tracy Holah - Regional Manager, Mencap
"Thank you to all the staff and carers from Caritas for taking such good care with our mum in her last days. She was as comfortable and as dignified as could be."
Richard, Tim and Gav
"Very satisfied with the level of care provided for my husband. The carers were very helpful."
Mrs Moody
"We can't thank you enough for the care you showed Harold/Dad and all his family, our heartfelt thanks."
Brenda, Christine, Lynn, Neil, Gillian and Richard
"I am very happy with the carers. They are always prompt in timing, very professional and dignified with the care for my husband."
Mrs Allison, South Cave
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